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Please note that with effect from Wednesday 30th March the shop will close at 3:30pm on Wednesdays.
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You will find a warm welcome at Lodge Books.
The shop is run out of a converted coachman's lodge, attached to a 19th century Georgian house, and is located just a couple of minutes walk from Bridlington's historic Old Town and is also within walking distance of the town's train station and seafront.
As well as selling a wide range of books, we also provide proofreading and publishing services, so if you have already written your own book or are considering doing so, we would be happy to help you put your story into print.
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Book Ordering Service
Lodge Books has over 2,000 books on display and many more in storage so we should always have something to suit you. However, if we haven't got the book you want and you are having trouble finding it anywhere, we offer a book ordering service and to date have been very successful in tracking down hard to find and out of print books.
We very much look forward to seeing you.
The Legendary Lost Town of
by Phil Mathison
Talk of a famous Yorkshire town thrown up by the sea, and then erased by the same waters could be dismissed as a myth. But Ravernser Odd was no myth. The legendary seaport, in its day, rivalled and then surpassed Hull and Grimsby and in the process made the fortunes of many traders. The town returned two M.P.s to Parliament; had a chapel, two markets every week and an annual fair. Its ships featured prominently in the conflicts with Scotland in the early 14th century, and yet within fifty years, it was gone. The sea had given, and the sea had taken away. Within these pages, the author will attempt to build up the story of this historic port that the waves tore down.
Lodge Books
Lodge Books Publishing - One for the family.
Imagine being able to read a book written by your great great grandfather, a book which tells his own story, a book with your family history in his pictures and words. You cannot do this but now is a good time to make sure your great great grandchildren can. Write your own life story and have it published privately or for public access. You can then buy just one copy, or you can buy an unlimited amount of copies any time you want. Ian Gowland did just this. The cover of Ian's book below shows family pictures on the front and on the back, what motorbike he rides, where he lives, what he likes to drink, his weekly shopping bill and how he communicates. It is a moment in time captured for those who follow him. For someone, someday, your book can be the greatest story ever told. Ian and his family can buy a copy of the book anytime and get enough change out of £10 to buy a drink while they read it. Ask about publishing a gift for those who follow you.
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